Functional Testing services

SQTC's functional testing services ensure the verification and validation of applications for Government software vendors & enterprises. Main perspective of Functional testing is to review each aspect of a piece of a software to make sure it works correctly and SQTC’s Functional testing service compares what the software is supposed to do and what actually is doing. Team always tries to have clear concept about the software’s actual requirements by client meeting, reading SRS documents and performing reverse engineering. Our goal is to ensure all the requirements that client wants in the software.

Agile testing services

The goals of Agile testing are to minimize overall risks and enable the project to quickly adapt to the changes which involve software testing early and often in the sprints and catching high risks or critical defects as early as possible. SQTC's Agile Assurance, Release Automation and Unique Automation Framework offerings reduce overall operating costs and ensure improved quality and rapid features roll-out.

Automation testing services

As DevOps and continuous delivery models has become the norm, so too is continuous testing. SQTC team is also ready with their Automation Testing service to cope with this DevOps trend and serve continuous testing methods. There are two types of automation , Test automation refers to automating the process of tracking and managing the different tests, while automated testing is the act of conducting specific tests via automation as opposed to conducting them manually. By Test Automation service SQTC team ensure increased product release velocity, reduced testing effort, on time bug reporting, and automated test manage and test tracking. SQTC's Test Automation services are driven by Automation Accelerators and Tool agnostic Framework to ensure impeccable standards of Quality Assurance.

Mobile testing services

SQTC's Mobile Testing services provide various Mobile Apps - native, web and hybrid by using real devices and Mobile Cloud Computing.

Integration Testing services

In Integration Testing, individual software systems are integrated and tested together or as a group. At SQTC, we offer Integration testing services for both startups and developed business teams with an end services using real time scenarios.

e-Commerce Testing services

SQTC leverages proven methodologies, techniques, processes, guidelines using a Tool and Technology agnostic Framework to ensure effective and efficient testing and validation of e-commerce platforms along with its interfaces. SQTC's framework ensures that our philosophy of reusability is implemented on a plethora of platforms.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Testing services

SQTC offers QA consulting and software testing services tailored to help the BFSI industry to overcome challenges and constraints they face in adopting the latest technologies and dealing with legacy applications. With experts, specialized in wealth management application testing design, development and implementation, our BFSI testing team assists clients in streamlining their internal processes leading to enhanced productivity and improved customer services.

ERP Testing services

SQTC's ERP Testing services provide organizations with the testing services in implementation & quality enhancement of ERP applications.

ETL Testing services

SQTC provides ETL (extract-transform-load) Testing services to ensure the data that has been loaded from a source to the destination after business transformation is accurate and validate data completeness.

Performance Testing services

SQTC's new age Performance Testing framework initiates and revitalizes performance across system, network and software architecture.

Security Testing services

SQTC provides end-to-end Security Testing Services like Penetration testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Code Review and Security Consultancy that cover all web, client-server and mobile applications.

Test Advisory services

SQTC's Test Advisory services help clients across verticals assess the skill sets, execute knowledge transfer, ensure impeccable monitoring of the software testing roadmaps and improve all QA focus areas - people, tools and infrastructure.

IT Hardware Testing services

SQTC provides Hardware Testing services that include Functionality, Compatibility, Usability and Performance of IT related hardwares such as Computer, IoT Devices, Routers, Switches, Tablets, Mobile Devices etc.