At present no Software Quality Assurance, Testing and Certification Centre of international standard exists in Bangladesh. So the software applications that are developed or purchased do not go under a quality assurance process. Because of this, software quality is being compromised and software export to other countries also encounters obstacle. There is also a shortage of Software testing professionals in the country.

The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation or reliability estimation. Testing is the single most widely used approach to ensure software quality.The local software industry needs to concentrate on this issue and have to take necessary steps to survive in the world market.

Goal of SQTC Centre is to expand and improve e-Governance through the effective delivery of services. The main function of the Centre would be Software Quality Testing and Certification.To ensure quality, independent verification and validation needs to be performed from initial RFP stage and subsequently at the stages like preparing Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Designing, Development, Test and Deployment.

In order to implement different testing activities in different stage, we conduct meeting, knowledge transfer session with the clients. At the very initial stage, we start with the following activities.

1. A transparent and self-explained SRS(software requirements specification) for the software.
2. Knowledge transfer sessions with tester, developer and client.
3. We expect at least one dedicated business analyst from client side, so that we can clarify our queries regarding software requirement at any time.